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Active Vacations by Marathon Expeditions

Discover diverse adventures from hiking in Sedona’s red rocks to running in New Zealand’s scenic landscapes. Escape to Tucson’s Sonoran Desert for sun-soaked excitement or indulge in Iceland’s fire and ice wonders. Dive into the Caribbean’s happiest island for snorkeling and relaxation. Each destination promises unique experiences, from geothermal spas to Winter Lights Festivals, ensuring unforgettable journeys filled with natural beauty and thrilling escapades.
Marathon Expeditions - Active Vacations All Over the World. We Run the World. Come Run With Us!

2024 Marathon Expeditions FEST

Spring breakin’ in Tucson, Arizona! The FEST is a gathering of dynamic pals, engaging in our favorite venture and immersing ourselves in the culinary delights, traditions, and stunning landscapes of the American Southwest.

2024 Hike Sedona

Discover the serenity and natural wonders of the outdoors with a hiking adventure in Sedona, AZ! Surrounded by magnificent red rock formations, Sedona offers an array of awe-inspiring and captivating hiking paths, making it a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts.

2024 Run Iceland

Set off on an extraordinary adventure of running and hiking amidst the enchanting landscapes of Iceland during the captivating Summer Solstice. Experience the vibrant allure of the land of fire and ice, as it dazzles with its stunning vistas and never-ending daylight.

2025 Run Iceland Northern Lights Adventure

Explore the realm of fire and ice as we venture through Iceland’s National Park, ascend a volcano, participate in the annual Winter Lights Festival 5K run/walk, unwind in geothermal spas, and savor the tantalizing local cuisine of this captivating land.

2025 FEST

Escape for an action-packed weekend under the sun in the Sonoran Desert of Tucson, Arizona! Join us for sunny days and thrilling escapades that promise an unforgettable adventure!

2025 Run New Zealand Adventure

Begin an unparalleled running expedition amidst the stunning vistas of New Zealand, where awe-inspiring natural beauty awaits around every corner.

2026 Run Aruba

Relax, trek, run, snorkel, unwind, and do it all over again – on the world’s most joyful island! Delve into the Caribbean’s multifaceted gem boasting pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters, powdery white sands, and tranquil palm trees.
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Marathon Expeditions - Active Vacations All Over the World. We Run the World. Come Run With Us!

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