Travel Protection

Your Trip Should be Worry Free!

You have enough to worry about while traveling. Unfortunately occasional emergencies do occur.

That’s why you should say, “I Travel Insured” when it comes to purchasing travel protection.

Purchase travel protection for only a small percentage of your travel package price….



Age 0 – 49:…………….7% of total pkg price
Age 50 – 59:……………8% of total pkg price
Age 60 – 69:……………9.5% of total pkg price
Age 70 – 79:……………12.5% of total pkg price
Age 80+:……………….22.5% of total pkg price


Your travel agent cares about You…

To help you enjoy a stress-free vacation, travel protection is available through iTravelInsured.

Travel protection provides you with the necessary coverage to help safeguard your travel “investment” from unforeseen circumstances such as:

Sudden and unexpected emergency illness or injury to you or a traveling companion or immediate family member causing you to cancel or interrupt your trip

  • Jury Duty
  • Job Layoff or Termination
  • Terrorist Incidents
  • Bankruptcy or Default of your airline, cruise line or a tour operator
  • And much more…

At iTravelInsured, we know that cancelling a trip may cause you to lose all or part of your payment depending upon the cancellation penalties of your travel supplier(s).

Many travelers have little or no health protection while away from home and most plans don’t cover an air ambulance. An iTravelInsured program helps provide true Global Peace of Mind.


Trip Cancellation/Interruption
The amount of your trip you elected to protect up to $20,000 Per Person

Travel Delay (Including Missed Cruise Connections)
Up to $500.00 Per Person

Emergency Medical/Dental
Up to $10,000.00 Per Person

Lost/ Stolen Baggage
Up to $1,000.00 Per Person

Baggage Delay
Up to $100.00 Per Person

Emergency Medical Evacuation/Repatriation
Up to $20,000.00 Per Person

Emergency Reunion

  • Return of Dependent Children
  • Family Member Transportation to Hospital bedside
  • Lodging Allowance for Visitor while Hospitalized
  • Return of Rental Vehicle
  • Return of Remains back to Primary Residence

Up to $3,000.00 Per Person

Common Carrier AD&D
Up to $100,000.00 Per Person**

24 Hour Hotline

  • Emergency Travel Arrangements
  • Lost Passport Assistance
  • Lost Luggage Assistance
  • Embassy or Consulate Referral
  • Emergency Message Relay
  • Medical & Prescription Assistance
  • Emergency Cash Transfer
  • Legal Referrals
  • Emergency Translations

Included as a benefit of membership in the National Small Business Travel and Health Association (NSBTHA)**


* Single Trip Air, Cruise & Tour Travel Insurance Program
** Common Carrier AD&D is limited to $20,000 for WA State Residents.
** When you purchase an iTravelInsured program, you automatically become a member of NSBTHA.

Complete details of coverage, terms, limitations and exclusions that may affect benefits payable are summarized in the certificate. Coverage may vary by state and may not be available in all states. Read your certificate carefully and note all state exceptions that may apply. This brochure is not intended to be an offer to sell an iTravelInsured program in any jurisdiction where iTravelInsured or its producer is not authorized or where such action would be unlawful..


“I Travel Insured”
When you say, “I Travel Insured” you can relax and enjoy your vacation.
If you need us, we’re there for you. Here’s a list of Important telephone numbers.
For fast service, please have your certificate number available.


24/7 Emergency Travel Assistance
Call: 1-866-243-7524 (U.S./ Canada)
Collect: 01-317-655-9798 (Outside U.S./Canada)


Call: 1-866-243-7524 (Monday-Friday)


Call iTravelInsured at 1-866-347-6673 (Monday-Friday)


Call: 1-800-707-1634 (Monday-Friday)

If your travel plans change, please notify your travel agent immediately.
Once under deposit, you may be subject to a travel supplier’s or agent’s
cancellation policy as outlined in their brochure.


Trip Cancellation / Interruption

You may recover loss of pre paid, non-refundable, and unused payments when a trip is cancelled or interrupted for one of the following reasons:

  • Emergency Illness. Injury or Death to You, a member of your family or Travel Companion.
  • Bankruptcy or financial default
  • A Terrorist Incident.
  • A natural disaster or bad weather that results in a complete cessation of services by your travel supplier
  • Jury Duty
  • Home made uninhabitable by fire, wind storm, flood, or vandalism.
  • Quarantine
  • Auto Accident on the way to the airport.
  • Job termination.
  • Cancelled leave for active duty Military, Police or Fire Fighters.


When you purchase a Picture Perfect Vacation Protection program you automatically become a member of the National Small Business Travel & Health Association (NSBTHA). Through this association members may access travel insurance, emergency travel assistance services, and information about events, legislation, and other matters that affect travel.

Information about NSBTHA is available a


The Certificate of Insurance details exclusions which apply. Please read it carefully.

Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion

No benefits will be paid for losses or expenses incurred as a result of an injury or illness to you which manifests itself during the 60 days immediately before the date your coverage became effective, unless the condition is controlled through the taking of prescription drugs or medication and remains controlled throughout the 60 day period..

Pre-Existing Condition Waiver

The pre-existing condition exclusion is waived if coverage is purchased within 14 days from the date the initial trip deposit was paid to the travel supplier. You also must be medically able to travel on the date coverage is purchased.

If the Pre-Existing Condition exclusion is not waived, your pre-existing condition might still be covered if the answer to all of the following questions is “no.” Review the questions below.

Review the Questions Below:

  • Were you treated for a new illness in the past 60 days?
  • Has your condition worsened or required medical attention in the past 60 days?
  • Have you received any new medications in the past 60 days or have any of your current dosages been changed?

Brochure in PDF Format

Click here for the Custom Travel Protection PDF.